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Sell with us @ivaah home studio

The Ivaah home studio is an online marketplace that focuses on providing a carefully curated selection of high-quality home decor and interiors to a diverse customer base. Our goal is to offer a seamless shopping experience by showcasing a wide range of products that encompass various styles and aesthetics.

What we OFFER

Brand Integration

Build a dedicated online storefront on our platform featuring a brief brand story and thoughtfully curated products.

Relationship Manger

Get a dedicated relationship manager for onboarding, creatives, order fulfillment, and payments.

Creatives & Content

Digital media creatives which consist of Product & brand narratives for posts, stories, blogs and newsletters.

Targeted Marketing

Plan and execute digital marketing content via social media, campaigns, and email.

Customer Support

Ensure efficient order and fulfillment coordination with dedicated customer support.

Logistic Support

Logistic support to handle door pickup and drops and packaging and handling.

Let's Collaborate!

The value of collaboration

Enhanced brand image

Leverage the undeniable synergy we create, resulting in a stronger brand reputation and increased value, opening doors to a wider customer base.

Wider Access

Gain access to our rapidly growing customer base and unlock exclusive access to our vibrant community of professionals.

Enhanced sales and revenue

Through our targeted infrastructure, we facilitate the development of your brand, resulting in amplified growth and revenue.

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